Glass Pipes

One of the simplest ways to enjoy your tobacco ... One of the simplest ways to enjoy your tobacco is having a pipe and it is portable to carry around, that's why glass pipes are so popular around the smoker.

Glass Pipes are coming in various sizes, shapes, and designs. The several common styles of the pipe are spoon pipe, bubbler, sherlock holmes pipe, chillum, wooden pipe and etc. The various styles of pipes may confuse you, let me tell you more about the differences between these pipes. 

Spoon Pipes

This is the most quintessential pipe that looks like a spoon. It features a wide end with a hole (this is the bowl). The bowl is where smokers will put their favorite dry herb and then burn it. On the market, mostly glass pipes will feature a carb hole to let air flow into the pipe. The other narrow end is the mouthpiece to direct the smoke into your mouth.

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Chillums & One Hitter Pipes

Chillums are also known as one-hitter pipes that normally are a straight cylindrical smoking device and it made of borosilicate glass. What makes chillum different from the spoon pipe is that the chillum won't feature a carb hole. So there is less control over the airflow in a chillum and so you can just focus on loading, lighting, and inhaling. Usually, a chillum can hold a larger loading at once, which can produce a larger hit. 

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Sherlock Holmes Pipes & Gandalf Pipes

Sherlock Holmes Pipes just like a Gandalf Pipe, the characters are their long and curved neck. Generally, Sherlock Holmes Pipe features a small mouthpiece on the end of the long neck. Some of Sherlock Homles Pipes have a flat base which allows them to stand upright, preventing your herbs from falling out. 

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In a sense, a bubbler pipe can be regarded as a mini bong because it consists of three parts: bowl, chamber, and mouthpiece. The bubbler is a perfect solution for those who want a water filtration but don't like the size of a bong. A glass bubbler pipe has a bowl that leads down into a small chamber. Whether you like a sherlock holmes bubbler or a hammer bubbler we always have some of the best ones available on Glass Pipes!

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