Different Types of Weed Pipes

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Different Types of Weed Pipes

Glass pipes, also called weed bowls, are one of the simplest ways to smoke the dry herb. Place the weed into the bowl, light it and inhale and just enjoy. Glass pipes are popular in the cannabis community also because they are fit your hand and your pocket with the small size. Not only can you smoke at home, but also you can enjoy the tobacco wherever you go. You need nothing more than a lighter.

Glass Pipes are coming in various sizes, shapes, and designs. The common styles of the pipe are spoon pipe, bubbler, sherlock holmes pipe, chillum, wooden pipe, etc. Glass Pipes also offers novelty pipes which are made of the unique design. The various types of pipes may confuse you. Here Glass Pipes helps you recognize each type of pipes which bear various characteristics. 



The tube design is the main feature of the chillum. Chillum is essentially a pipe as a cylinder which use to smoke, it is a straight tube smoking pipe traditionally made of glass. Chillum is convenient to use and clean, that is one of the reasons for its popularity. To use the chillum you just need to load your dry herb on the one end of the pipe and then light it to enjoy your time. 


One-hitter Pipes

One-hitter pipes look similar to chillums. It also features a straight tube body but with a more narrow bowl designed for a single inhalation. It is distinguished from large-bowl pipes designed for large-amount tobacco. One hitter weed pipes come in different materials, such as glass and metal. If you prefer a quick and small hit, you are in for a treat with this hand pipe.


Spoon Pipes

Spoon Pipe is widely used and most popular on the market. It features a spoon-shaped bowl on the one end for you to pack your cannabis and the other side is the mouthpiece. Usually, the carb hole is placed on the left side or right side that allows smoke to travel into the body of the whole pipe. It is easy to control the airflow just by covering the carb with your finger.


Sherlock Holmes Pipes

Sherlock pipes are easily recognizable by their long, curved neck and mouthpiece, giving these pipes a unique and classic aesthetic. This type of glass pipe named after Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock pipe is synonymous with the character while also provides smoking experience. Instead of being a straight shot to the mouthpiece, which provides a longer path for the smoke to create a smoother hit.



Bubbler is a functional smoking device that is similar to a bong. But it is different from water pipes and has its own advantages. This item is perfect for those who want a mini size of the bong for traveling. Just like a basic bong, it features a bowl, chamber, and mouthpiece. In contrast to the glass hand pipe, the bubbler features a chamber for water to provide filtration and then enhance your smoking. 


Silicone Pipes

These silicone hand pipes with glass bowl are lightweight, portable, non-stick, and unbreakable. Now they are commonly used by smokers because of these advantages. The silicone is food-grade material and can withstand a lot of heat. So the smokers won't worry that it will burn. They will be the perfect addition for smokers! Silicone pipes are made from molds so you can see a variety of novelty types on Glass Pipes


Wooden Pipes

Compared to glass pipes and silicone pipes, wooden pipes are lighter than most of the pipes on the market. If you've used wooden pipes before, you definitely noticed a difference when you smoke from a wood pipe compared to smoking from glass or silicone. The rich wood flavor adds and opens up the subtle flavors of your herb or tobacco. A good companion on your going!


Novelty Pipes

Unlike traditional weeb bowls, novelty pipes are made with unique designs. They come in an extremely wide variety of shapes, styles, and colors, and can be made with glass, wood, silicone, metal or acrylic. So they maybe not fit in other categories. These novelty pipes are perfect as gifts for your friends! They can also fit in your hand easily. Nice for adding your pipe collection.


Choosing One That's Right For You

Now glass-working technique developed and glass pipes are common and popular around smokers. So how to choose the right pipe for yourself? No one can tell which type is better. What suits you best is the best.

Ask you some questions before your decision. Do you want to smoke out of a simple spoon or chillum? Are you interested in cool design pipes? Do you want pipes with a large bowl? Answering some questions before will help narrow down the types of smoking devices that fit yourself.

Now Glass Pipes offers a large number of glass pipes complete with various types. Get yours here!