How to Clean a Bubbler in a Simple Way

How to Clean a Bubbler -

How to Clean a Bubbler in a Simple Way

Bubbler is one of the essential smoke tools for cannabis lovers. Bubblers just like a mini bong in a way, because it features a water chamber function as a glass bong and portable size as a glass pipe. This functional item is convenient to carry around and also can provide smooth smoking.

First of all, we need to prepare everything we need for your cleaning.


  • Fresh Water
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Salt
  • Container (bigger than your bubbler)
  • Pipe cleaners or Q-tips


1. Filled your bubbler with fresh water.

Before we start to clean your bubbler, we need to make sure your bubbler is completely empty. Just add some fresh water into your bubbler, and then shake it in one minute. Poured the dirty water down and then we can move on to the next step.

Notice: The bubbler will be slippery after getting wet, please be careful when you shake it.

Tip: It is best to repeat this after you use your bubbler every time.

2. Add the isopropyl alcohol and salt in a container.

Pour the isopropyl alcohol into the container and make sure you can soak your bubbler in it. Then add 3 spoon salt into the container and then stir it a bit to make the salt dissolve. 

Notice: The higher purity isopropyl alcohol is perfect for cleaning.

3. Soak your bubbler into the container.

Put your glass bubbler into the container gently, let it soak in the cleaning solution for about 2~3 hours. If your bubbler hasn't cleaned for a long time, you can leave it all night.

4. Use pipe cleaners or Q-tip to reach inaccessible parts.

The bubbler has a variety of shapes, which means there are some inaccessible parts you can't clean it with your finger. That why we need a pipe cleaner or Q-tip, these little tools can replace our fingers to swab your bubbler.

5. Rinse the bubbler with running water.

After a whole night immersion, there must be many clean solution residues on your bubbler. Now we need to rinse it with running water the entire bubbler inside and out, and then wipe it dry.