For Beginners: How to Smoke a Pipe

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For Beginners: How to Smoke a Pipe

As a beginner, a pipe is one of the greatest choices to start smoke. The pipe is simple to use and also low-budget for beginners. Pipe smoking is the oldest known traditional form of tobacco smoking.

Before we start to smoke, we need to prepare everything we need for smoking.

  • Pipe
  • Pipe Accessories
  • Pipe Cleaner
  • Lighter
  • Tobacco / Dry Herb


A pipe is a smoking device for tobacco, which most of them are made of borosilicate glass. It consists of two main parts: a chamber (the bowl) for the tobacco and a thin hollow stem, ending in a mouthpiece. In nowadays, pipes come in a variety of different shapes, like spoon pipes, chillums, sherlock holmes pipes and etc. Finding the most suitable one is very important, beginners should consider purchasing a simple design pipe, such as a spoon pipe.

Pipe Accessories

Pipe accessories are a variety of small gadgets designed to smoke. Weed grinders are one of the most loved smoker goods. This functional item helps you grind your dry herbs, so you can easily burn it and then smoke with your pipe. Metal screens are another practical item when you use your pipe. Before you place weed into the bowl of the pipe, you can put a metal screen in it, it can provide a filter function and then keep you pipe clean and enhance the taste.

Pipe Cleaner

As a smoking device, we should clean our pipe corretly with frequent use, otherwise the pipe can accumulate a lot of stain to affect the next smoke experience. Cleaning a pipe is not complicated, and the cleaning staff also east to get. More details are avalible in another blog — How To Clean A Glass Pipe


In a way, most of lighters can do the trick, but for smoking pipes, there are some professor lighters can do a better job. A pipe lighters should be butane, without any exception which can offer a softer flame that covers a broader area, making it easier to angle the flame into your pipe and protect your fingers.

Tobacco / Dry Herb

The unnecessary thing for smoking a pipe obviously is the tobacco or dry herb. 

When you prepare all the things we need, then we can start smoking with a pipe.

Fill the bowl with dry herb. The most techniques part of all the steps as it will affect your smoking experience. You need to use a dabber or somthing else to fill the bowl with tobaccos. The bowl too tight will prevent air from flowing freely to the pipe, too loose effect the smoke of the tobacco. Therefore, you need to take a test draw and find the most appropriate amount of tobaccos.

Light your pipe. Now, take your pipe lighter in a circular motion to make sure the tobacco is evenly heated, and then you can inhale your pipe to enjoy your tobacco. Please pay attention not to burn your fingers.

Clean your Pipe. After smoking your pipe, don't forget to dump the ashtray and clean it.